Monday, December 12, 2005

Will the Real Marc Ecko Please Stand Up?

Yes, SmUtTnY, it really is me. If not, Marc Ecko's gotta be pissed about that whole "running around in my dad's drawers fighting a giant talking hamburger" thing. Not to mention the fact that I'm sleeping with his wife.

Still not biting? Damn. You're a cynical SOB, aren't you? Alright then, let's take a look at my trusty partner, Blackberry, and see if we can finally set the record straight.

So, looks like I've been a little busy lately, and not just catching up on the cool comments you and others posted after my first blog. This game has officially consumed every aspect of my life...emails from crazed West Coast designers at 2 in the morning, notes about script changes typed while sitting on the toilet at the voiceover studio, calls with potential soundtrack artists on the runway at LAX when "all electronic devices should be shut off." Here's a peak inside the life of the real Marc Ecko.

April 4, 10:14am PST. Left my wife in LA for a flight to Berlin. Just finished a rather intense meeting of the minds at our development studio, now I get to cram into a middle seat for the next 16 hours or so. Sure hope they play "Barbershop 2" again. Can't get enough of Queen Latifah's crazy antics.

April 6, 1:38pm GMT. So here I am in Berlin, smelling like a mix between a wet cat and gin (Don't ask. It was a long flight). Before I can even change my shirt, I'm whisked off to what only can be described as a German food court without the ubiquitous Cinnabon for some bratwurst and sauerkraut. Like that's gonna help the smell.

April 14, 2:30pm PST. Some people get streets named after them; I get an 800 pound rhino. Flew into San Diego this morning and am now at the Zoo feeding baby Ecko. Damn this kid can eat. That reminds me, was I supposed to bring home milk?

April 16, 5:02pm EST. Back home in New Jersey. Key still works so all's good. Now it's time to play husband for a couple days. Wait, doesn't my wife know I was on CNN this morning? You think Wolf Blitzer takes out the trash?

April 18, 10:53pm GMT. Here I am in the middle of Paris surrounded by a bunch of guys in tights for a "Getting Up" motion capture shoot. This is some real "Tron" sh*#.

April 19, 8:32am GMT. Slept two hours and am on my way to do interviews with a couple European reporters. I'll catch a quick nap this afternoon before hitting the Louvre.

April 19, 8:33pm GMT. OK, what's up? That was NOT "a couple interviews"! 12 hours of answering "So, this is, how you say, the Jet Grind Radio, no?," not to mention the fact that it is considered customary to drink wine while doing these interviews. Too far into my bender to turn back, I'm now sitting in a quaint French pub sampling the forbidden magic of Absinthe.

April 23, 11:17am EST. Ahhhh. Finally back in my office, catching up on some long overdue calls. Wait, did I just tell my mom "This is off the record"? Note to self: Cut back on the media.

April 23, 9:45pm EST. Swinging by home to pick up some fresh shirts (this one still smells like rhino), spend some QT with the wife and kids, and drop off this bottle of Absinthe I just had to have, US Customs be damned. It'll go nicely next to the unopened bottle of Mescal I dragged back from Cancun.

April 29, 4:17pm PST. Did I say something about cutting back on media? In San Francisco doing yet another round of interviews in preparation for E3, the virtual Mecca of sensory overload. You know you've hit it big when you've got to do pre-interviews.

May 4, late. Where the f*#k am I?

May 16, 2:12pm PST. The day of reckoning has arrived. Just got stopped by a security guard at the entrance to E3's main hall. Does this guy know who I am?!!!! Oh, yeah, I'm only one of about 20,000 people pitching a game at this giant geek fest (spoken by the biggest geek of all). I think I just wet myself.

May 16, 2:48pm PST. Got past the guard but not before hearing his pitch for a hot new game (between you and me, SmUtTnY, it sounded a lot like Burnout, Midnight Club, and every other damn street racing title). Hold up, was that my game trailer playing on that huge screen above the Sony booth?

May 16, 3:25pm PST. Yes, it was. Just spent 37 minutes waiting for the loop to play through, but got some great video of it on my phone.

May 16, 5:54pm PST. OK, I'm a little creeped out. Just "met" this guy from Facetime magazine who knows way too much about me. Wanted to do an interview (obviously he didn't hear that I'm cutting back) while I was on the phone telling mom about seeing the game trailer. Now I'm outside trying to find my rented Impala and the dude is still following me snapping pictures.

May 17, 6:08pm PST. Just wrapped up day one at E3. Despite some crazy electrical problems, I thought that the level of questions by the media was extraordinary, coupled with some very insightful meetings with...Who the hell am I kidding? I just want to get out of this place and get in line for Return of the Sith.

May 18, 8:59am PST. A little tired from that midnight showing but I'm ready to power through day two of E3. At least the halls don't smell like urine today. Late for an interview with some Czechoslovakian media (supposedly I'm bigger than David Hasselhoff over there, but who isn't?).

May 18, 2:15pm PST. Just did an interview with Brazil's largest television network. Either that reporter was the hottest woman I've ever seen, or I've been trapped with my fellow gamers too long.

May 18, 5:01pm PST. I'm Marc Ecko, damn it! Just spent my last moments at E3 being interviewed by some whack Spanish website who didn't know who I was or why I was there. At least I can go home to Mrs. Ecko now, right SmUtTnY?


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